The world continues to change.
Markets are also changing,
signaling risks or opportunities
all depending on your perspective.

The apparel and lifestyle markets are
unmatched in pace of change. At Tamurakoma,
we are proud of our track-record of creating value
in ever-changing markets,
and we see a wealth of business opportunities today.

We are not afraid of change or making mistakes.
We understand that capturing opportunities requires initiative.
We will continue to create value in an ever-changing world.



Tamurakoma is an OEM of choice in the constantly evolving fashion apparel industry. Apparel is our core business.


In recent years, we have expanded into new markets in the health and life care category, which now encompasses our longstanding nightwear and bedding business.


Tamurakoma was founded as a textile business. We have lately branched out into the growing industrial materials business, where we are leveraging our expertise from fiber manufacturing to make other materials.

New businesses

In the housewares business, we are bringing Japanese quality to the rest of the world, and in the brand business, we are supplying brands that meet contemporary needs. We are constantly looking for opportunities to develop new businesses.