Industrial Materials, Housing Materials

In the industrial materials business,
we supply a diverse range of products
including vacuum insulation materials
for refrigerators and air-conditioning filters.
In the housing materials business,
we offer a broad range of products including
construction materials for buildings and housing materials.
We continue to expand our business domains beyond fibers.


Industrial Materials

Exploring the Possibilities of Fibers Beyond Textiles

We are committed to exploring the future possibilities for the fiber business. Our industrial materials business evolved from the development of nylon bags for futon dryers. We have steadily expanded the range of products and now supply major Japanese electronics manufacturers.
  • Molded inserted filters for household appliances (air-conditioning units and air cleaners), vacuum insulation materials for refrigerators, parts and components (plastic molded products) for household appliances, other

Housing Materials

Specialized Materials That Meet Industry Needs

We supply construction materials for buildings and housing materials, developing specialized products that meet industry needs.
  • Construction materials for buildings, housing exterior and interior materials, and eco-friendly materials