Lifestyle markets are just as heavily influenced
by contemporary trends as fashion markets.
We take inspiration and ideas from ever-changing
personal values and lifestyle trends,
and apply our accumulated experience and expertise to make new products.


Health-Promoting Products

Making Health-Themed Products

We have long developed products for the nightwear and bedding industry, concentrating on exceptional sleeping products such as pillows and mattresses that meet the growing demand for health-promoting products.
  • Nightwear and bedding, pillows, mattresses

Fashion Goods

Complete Range of Goods Across Different Categories

We leverage the planning and proposal capabilities we have built in the apparel, nightwear, and bedding industries to supply a broad variety of fashion goods such as bags, stoles, and rainwear. We can propose a complete range of goods across different categories including apparel.
  • Range of fashion goods
Supportive Products

Products for 100-Year Lifespans

We have launched a range of products to support and facilitate senior living.
  • Pelvic support brace, supportive workwear, easy-to-change undergarments, mattresses and folding cushions for nursing care, absorbent sheets