We are an established OEM and original design manufacturer (ODM) in the apparel business,
providing first-rate planning, proposals, and execution.
Our Tokyo Head Office is situated in the trend-setting Harajuku district of Tokyo.
We provide comprehensive solutions that encompass everything from planning,
product development, and proposals through to manufacturing, inspection, and logistics,
while precisely grasping the needs of ever-changing markets.



Diverse Items for a Broad Range of Target Segments

We have long excelled in the segments of women’s casual fashion and special occasion formal wear. In recent years, we have actively expanded into growth markets such as sportswear and nursing care products.
  • Women’s fashion (young, career, misses, senior), men’s fashion (young, adult, senior), kids (baby, toddler, teens), other (uniforms, etc.)

Stocking Textiles
Based on Precise Projections

In the textiles business, we stock in-demand textiles based on projected demand, by monitoring trends and collecting data from across the globe. This ensures that we can rapidly fulfill the textile requirements of our customers.
  • Fabrics, cut and sewn knitwear, lining fabric